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Dry cleaning

The fibers that make up a fabric usually tells whether it requires dry cleaning. Here are some that we suggest are more ideal for dry cleaning.

Rayon may seem to belong in the ‘no brainer’ category of household laundering items, but it is actually considered a semi-synthetic, which calls for a delicate style of cleaning. Its silk-like fibers do not hold dyes well. Therefore, washing it along with the rest of the laundry can ruin an entire batch if the color bleeds. Go for dry cleaning instead to avoid this risk.

Silk has really strong fibers that it is unable to completely absorb dyes applied to it. Dry cleaning is your safest cleaning method to ensure you can preserve the color of your favorite silk items.

Wool is just as durable as silk—as long as it is not submerged in water. Try doing so and you will shrink your wool jacket dramatically, may it be hot or cold water. Dry cleaning prevents such instances and will help keep your wool items last for years.

We take exceptional pride in ensuring your satisfaction. This begins with a deep knowledge of fabrics and understanding how to revitalize your professional garments, linens, and other items. We then apply a higher level of service, taking the extra step to remove buttons on certain garments before cleaning (if they are at risk of damage) or replacing any that have gone missing.

Evening Dress
From CHF 25.00
Down jacket
CHF 28.00
Thick Sweater
CHF 12.00
Morning Dress
CHF 23.00


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